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Valuable Investing Resources

As investors, the more legitimate data we have, the better we can invest and make solid decisions! Because data is so important, I want to share some of my favorite investing resources with you. Here are a few I think you will enjoy.

Invest Talk, by KPP Financial

Invest Talk is a podcast hosted by KKP Financial. They talk about subjects from Real Estate to technology stocks, current news updates, common mistakes to avoid when investing, and answering caller's questions. They have new shows every weekday and provide a wealth of information and advice on finances. I would highly recommend an investor subscribe to their podcast series.

The Economist

The Economist is a magazine subscription company that features valuable articles on the international news (USA, Asia, Middle East & Africa, etc.), business, politics, finance, economics, and much more! Reading these articles has the potential to give you great leads in finding excellent companies to invest in as well as international news updates that affect businesses. Global news and analysis are essential to every investor, and The Economist is a phenomenal resource full of reliable data.

Stock Trader's Almanac

I have many YouTube videos regarding the Stock Trader's Almanac, however time and time again, this book has helped me with my investments and confidence have historical price action at my fingertips. Jeffery Hirsch and his team have done an excellent job maintaining this almanac (started by Jeff's father). Rich with information, the Stock Traders Almanac shares information by the day, week, month, and yearly price action habits from cultural shifts and their "Tactical Seasonal Switching Strategy." You can find more information at their website at

Yra Harris Blog

With over 40 years of trading, Yra Harris shares are excellent information and views on the markets, international affairs, inflation, currencies, and much more. Harris also holds discussions in the YouTube Channel on the Financial Repression Authority and YouTube Channel of The PAX Group with Matt Kenah. You can read his blogs at

These are a few of the many resources I enjoy retrieving information on investing. It is possible to have too much information, and becoming overwhelmed with others' opinions can hinder your profits from hesitation (or over-diversified trying to own it all). On the other hand, receiving data from these listed sources gives me quick and simplified information I can use to enhance my investment decisions.

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