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Daily Essentials: Procter & Gamble

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  • Is Proctor & Gamble right for your portfolio?


Procter & Gamble (PG), currently trading at $154.83, is one of those boring companies investors love. Is it trending to the top of Bloomberg headlines? No. And we don't want it to. The boring, the better. Let's talk about it.

Also, founder of the famous Ivory Soap bar, PG has long-time been rated a buy-and-hold stock for portfolios and owns most of the things that are in our medicine cabinet. Baby care (Pampers), personal hygiene and grooming (Gillette razors), hair care (Head & Shoulders), pregnancy & ovulation tests (Clearblue), and the list goes on. When it comes to long-term investing, I like boring. This is not thrilling, like your NFTs or startup cryptocurrency stocks, but something America will need daily. Do you want to find the rest of their brands? I already did the work for you; check it out here.

During the great testing of 2020, when the coronavirus hit, PG had a drop of -24.51%, with the February high of (H) $128.07 and the low of $94.34 in March. A drop of only 33 points. It's not bad considering we all briefly went through a toilet paper crisis. Needless to say, they quickly recovered within four months in July and gapped up the next day (high momentum in price movement). That gap was filled in late January 2021, and the same area was hit again in September 2022.


PG had a 10% jump this year and an 80% increase within the past 5 years. Along with consistent growth in their dividend history of approximately +$0.94 every quarter, how can you not love it? Well, I’m not a certified professional, so don’t take my advice. This information is available for you to research and share with your financial advisor. I am here to give you a shortcut analysis and give you confidence in your decision-making.


Let’s put our business hats on (especially you men reading this). Clearblue has almost every female test known to mankind. From early fertility detection to ovulation, Clearblue is the world’s #1 home pregnancy and fertility test brand. They have taken another step in their dominance with their new product, their first-ever at-home early menopause detection test. They have a free app women can use to share with their physicians the early signs of menopause, and doctors are already supporting it. Quoted by Dr.Heather Hirsch, MD, MS, MSCP,

"I am thrilled to be teaming up with Clearblue® for the launch of their Menopause Stage Indicator. It is a groundbreaking product that will be beneficial for both women and healthcare professionals."

View more about the product here.

Quick Facts


Dividend: 2.46% yield Institutional Ownership: 64%

52 WK High: 122.18 Gross Profit Margin: 48.36%

52 WK Low: 158.38 Return On Assets: 3.46%

Current Ratio: 0.63x Institutional Ownership: 64%



I believe PG is a great value stock. Whether you have it in an ETF basket or purchase individual shares, Of course, this is my research. Please consult the opinion of your financial advisor before you make any decisions. As rated by many analyst research websites, PG is rated bullish to neutral and is considered to be a buy-and-hold stock, according to Zack's research.


Once again, past performance is not indicative of future results. The information given in the article is for educational purposes from the writer's ideas. Please see "About Me" for details.



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