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Easy Questions: "What Do I Look For When I Want To Invest?"

  • You could look for many things in a company, but it can get overwhelming if you are new to stock investing.

  • We are looking for a company with two characteristics: a special product or a special service.

  • Always look for consistency and growth, and any long-term investment. Let’s get started.


You can find many exceptional companies on the stock market. Still, some of the most powerful corporations will have at least one of these characteristics: an excellent service or a unique product. And if the company has both, you may have found the jackpot! This sounds very simple considering most corporations have something to sell to make a profit from, yet what is special about this product? What is unique about this service that attracts repeat customers to want to use it more than other companies? Let’s dig deeper into what to look for in a company if they have a unique service.

A Special Service

Leading companies on the stock market that have a special service may be companies such as WFC (Wells Fargo), WTW (Weight Watchers INTL. INC.), AWK (American Water Works Company Inc.), or FDX (FedEx). You will find that most of these companies listed are businesses you have already heard of because they have mastered the technique to be "people specific."

These companies have solved an everyday people problem, and these simple solutions have made these companies millions of dollars in revenue.

For example: If you want to lose 10 pounds, you may want to subscribe to a Weight Watchers meal plan. Or perhaps you want to mail a monetary gift to a friend who is getting married? You can use FedEx or send money through an app through Wells Fargo. These companies have solved an everyday people problem, and these simple solutions have made these companies millions of dollars in revenue.

A Special Product

You may not have to look far to find a particular company that owns a special product. The fastest place to look maybe your bathroom counter or your daily vitamins placed in your pantry. Companies such as PG (Proctor & Gamble), USANA (United Health Sciences Inc.), or EL (The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.) are companies that mastered a way to sell a product to maintain repeat customers. Their special product(s) aim to solve a problem for the consumer, and if the products are good enough, there is no need to make revisions; this leads to fewer company costs that will save the company more money in the long run.


In Conclusion...

There are many great corporations I may not have mentioned in this article, but when looking for a particular company to invest in, find a company that has a durable competitive advantage over other corporations.

This company with a special product or service needs to stick out from the crowd from its competitors. After you have found the company’s niche, look through their history of performance, and look for consistency of growth in areas such as revenue, gross profit, dividends, and production. Is the company holding profit, or are they struggling with debt?

Take your time to do your research on the company that deserves your money and time for maximum profitability! Our best wishes to you.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified professional nor responsible for any of your gains or losses. I’m simply a passionate stock investor who loves to share my experience with other women/men who want to learn general information about the market. May I encourage you to study and evaluate before making any purchase or sale in the stock market. We are a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Services LLC program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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